Corporate Simplification is a strategic process to simplify a complex corporate structure by unlocking capital, enhancing efficiency and reducing administrative and financial costs.

Generally, corporate simplification is the removal of a single company from a group structure, but it could be part of a wider restructuring initiative to reduce costs and enhance efficiency by eliminating entities from a group structure.

Our team advises on the most effective method to wind down, close and eliminate companies, acting as solvent members voluntary liquidators if necessary.

Cost reduction 

  • ASIC and Taxation – statutory lodgements, tax audits, tax and BAS returns
  • Governance Burden – accounting and regulatory compliance
  • Director/Principal Time – diversion from core business


Risk control

  • Lowers the risk of reinstatement
  • Increases accountability, governance, and transparency
  • Controls tax risks and opportunities
  • Establishes clarity of liabilities

Operational performance

  • Return of share capital and assets
  • Removes post-acquisition replication
  • Exit strategy


Why us?

  • We have a flexible fee structure which can be adjusted to tailor the
    extent of our contribution in the assignment
  • We have significantly less conflict issues which differentiates us from our competitors
  • We collaborate with our tax partners to deliver timely and efficient

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