For Businesses 

Not all businesses are incorporated. Businesses managed by sole traders and partnerships in financial distress need different solutions to those accessible to corporations.

Unincorporated businesses in distress can affect their owners’ personal financial situation. Such circumstances call for both a collaborative approach to assist businesses to recover and an empathetic touch of the personal financial situation of all involved.


For Individuals

Financial challenges can occur to all of us, but it is essential that you ‘act early’ to work out a debt issue before it effects your personal financial situation.

Our team is experienced, committed and accessible in helping clients restore their financial well-being. We also help company directors take care of their personal guarantee liabilities and other solvency related claims.

We can talk over your situation, define your options and navigate you to a resolution.

How we can help you?

  • Appraisal of individual situations
  • Proposal of options available
  • Guidance on strategies such as:
    – Refinancing
    – Debt management plan
    – Personal Insolvency Agreement
    – Bankruptcy


Why us?

  • We have expertise in handling a broad range of industries
  • We are receptive, dedicated and discrete of clients’ needs
  • We are accessible, empathetic and practical

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The earlier you engage with us, the more we can do to help you.

Our first meeting is free and we treat every enquiry with the sensitivity and urgency that a client seeking help from us deserves.

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